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Caring, Assisting, Respecting the Elderly

At CARE Homecare we lead recruiting efforts to attract and hire extraordinary talent to best serve older adults in their own home. We hire for heart, and provide skill-set development and training to ensure our team provides high quality service.

Alzheimer’s & Dementia Care

Through CARE HomeCare for memory loss, our trained team provides expert in-home support for older adults living with Alzheimer’s and dementia. CAREHomeCare’s approach to memory care focuses on the strengths and abilities of the individuals we care for.

Medication Assistance

CARE HomeCare team members play an integral role in the  development of medication management strategies for prime health by assisting seniors with avoiding common medication mistakes like taking the wrong medication, missing a medication time or day, or administering more than prescribed.

Exercise & Strengthing

Our caregivers can help your loved one enjoy the benefits of increased balance, good circulation, walking ability, general mobility, strength and stamina through regular range of motion, stretching and balance exercises. CARE HomeCare caregivers are trained to assist  with fundamental physical therapy exercises.

Active Social Engagement

CARE HomeCare team members are trained to provide both emotional and social support to seniors and based on individual interests, our caregivers are able to engage in daily conversation, art, music, reading, gardening, cooking, brain-stimulating activities, games and regular physical activity.

Transportation Assistance

Our caregivers are available to help your loved one take back some of their independence by providing safe and reliable transportation to wherever they wish to go. They can once again visit friends, go shopping, go to the salon, a park or community centers to participate in group activities.

Meal Planning & Prep

Making sure that your loved one consumes nutritious meals that are prepared with an awareness of their dietary restrictions as well as their personal preferences is a priority for us. Our caregivers can prepare meals designed with any specific dietary needs in mind.

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